About Candlestick & Bakelite

We specialise in telephones made between the 1920's and 1960's, originally produced for use by the GPO and on private telephone systems .

Whilst the technology did not alter dramatically, this forty year period saw many changes in design. The development of early plastics in the 1930's such as bakelite allowed greater flexibility in production techniques and allowed the production of phones in new colours, i.e. ivory, red and green. We have examples from the candlestick telephone to the classic 300 series, and on into the 706's and trim phones of the 60's.


- Are they a good investment?
- As they become fewer, they have become more desirable, both by collectors and those who want something different and stylish for their home. These 1920's/30's designs blend with many styles of home decor. They may be considered to be classic 20th Century designs. Prices have continued to rise in recent years. We leave it to you to make up your own mind. They make a superb gift for that special birthday or Christmas.

- How do I order?
- Firstly ring or e-mail us to check availability (leave a message if necessary and we shall call you back), then send the order form, if you have the catalogue, or a letter with cheque (in £ Sterling) to the PO Box address, if you dont have a catalogue but wish to obtain one please contact us using the details below. Remember it is a classic piece of working 20th Century technology that will still work in the digital third millennium.


Delivery is, generally, within 21 days. Please see the order form for details of the amount. Overseas customers please contact us for rates for your item.


If your telephone should develop a fault in the first twelve months we will, of course, repair it free of charge.


If you have re-discovered an old telephone in the loft or garage, then we can help you get it going again. We do conversion kits which allow you to convert the phone without having to send it to us.

Please view the next page for pictures of some of our phones.